Welcome Message


Dean, CEET

My dear students, on behalf of the staff of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, I have immense pleasure to welcome you to the College. Ours is a College that prides herself as one of the best colleges in the University in terms of overall academic contents, quality of teaching and excellent research and laboratory facilities. The College operates unique academic programmes in Engineering which are carefully planned to meet the manpower requirements for Engineering and Agricultural revolution in the country. Indeed, the programmes of this College are woven into the overall mandate and mission of the University taking into consideration all necessary criteria, indicators and peculiarities of the specialized nature of the University of Agriculture.
The College of Engineering and Engineering Technology runs six(6) academic programmes: Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering, Department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering. The First five departments have full COREN and NUC accreditation while the Department of Chemical Engineering awaits NUC resource inspection.
Quite often, applicants and students of Universities are not well informed and properly guided in their chosen field of study. This is the case even when they have successfully met the academic requirements. It is also unfortunate that some students continue in low spirits throughout their period of study because they have limited knowledge of the basic information and prospect of their area of study. It is therefore imperative that as you make a career in engineering, do avail yourself of the excellent services from your departmental academic advisers and the students handbook. While the students handbook is available at the University Bookshop, your Head of Department will furnish you with the information about your academic adviser. The Handbook is a valuable material that will guide you on the various courses the college offers.
Congratulations as I look forward to meeting you at the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology—a College that works for you and your dreams!