Electrical and Electronics Engineering

DR. Ifeanyi Onwuka


Objectives of the department

The Department’s objectives are geared towards the realization of national needs and aspirations. Graduates from the Electrical/Electronics Engineering Department are expected among other things to:

  • Be job-creators in their areas of specialization (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) discipline.
  • Design and construct systems and components primarily in their areas of specialization.
  • Supervise the installation, commissioning and maintenance of Electrical and Electronics Engineering systems and components.
  • Design, develop and produce innovative products and techniques for industrial growth in Nigeria.
  • Adapt and adopt indigenous technology in order to solve Electrical/Electronics Engineering and technological problems of the Nation.
Philosophy of the Department

The training philosophy of the department is in line with the institutional mandate of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, tailored to produce highly skilled professional manpower in Electrical/Electronics Engineering. The graduates of the Engineering training program would be sufficiently grounded in the basic sciences and Engineering knowledge to cater for the Electrical/Electronics Engineering problems of the nation. They are envisaged to be in the fore-front of indigenous technology development of the nation, predicated on sound theoretical framework, inter-woven with sufficient practical exposure. The practical content of their training will be sufficiently adequate to make them self-reliant and job creators.The above philosophy entails:

  •  Adequate exposure to foundation science and general studies courses.
  •  Sufficient exposure to basic engineering and technology techniques.
  • A good grounding in all the main aspects of Electrical/Electronics Engineering discipline.
  •  Special skills and in-depth study in the students’ professional areas of specialization.

The above process involves among other things, lectures, tutorials, laboratories, Engineering/Technology workshop practices, design works and industrial attachments.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering