Chemical Engineering

Dr. E. O. Oke
Welcome Message
Aims and Objective

The aim of establishing the Department of Chemical Engineering is to bridge the gap between research in the academia and the industry. There are so many challenges facing the industry and the technical know-how to face the challenges is paramount. We are out to provide the technical know-how and to chart the course for an industrial revolution.

The objective of this newly established department is not only to train students for conventional jobs but also to adequately equip students for the real world outside the university in order for them to be real innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs.

The graduates from the Department of Chemical Engineering, MOUAU, should be able to compete with other graduates of Chemical Engineering anywhere in the world. The department will take advantage of the collaborations between MOUAU and other universities in Europe and America to further train the students. Students will be encouraged to get relevant experience in related companies/ institutions.

International and result-oriented researches will be carried out by the undergraduate students of this department. Every 4th year student will have a mentor in a university/ research instution in preparation for the final Bachelor Thesis. All theses to be taken at the department must be result driven and tailored to the specific needs of the society. As the Head of the Chemical Engineering Department, I will make sure that the graduates from this department are highly sort after due to the high quality of training they will undergo.

Chemical Engineering