About CEET

The College of Engineering and Engineering Technology was established in 2001/2002 academic session when it became clear that the mission of the Institution could not be properly achieved, either could agriculture be successfully developed or meaningfully utilized in the industrialization and sustenance of the nation without an accompanying College of Engineering. Thus in 2001/2002  academic session, College of Engineering came into existence with the establishment of the Department of Agricultural Engineering followed in quick succession by the Departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical/ Electronics Engineering in the 2002/2003 academic session. Computer Engineering was started in the 2004/2005 academic session and Chemical Engineering was started in 2012/2013 academic session. These  departments run five years degree programmes leading to the award of the Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) degree in the various programme areas.

Dr. O. Onuba started the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology as the Acting Dean (2001-2008). Dr. A.B. Eke served as the Acting Dean from 2008 to 2009.  Professor V.I.O Ndirika was the first substantive Dean of the College from 2009 to 2012.  The current Dean of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology is Professor O.I. Okoro of the department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering