It became clear that the mission of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, could not be achieved appropriately, neither could agriculture be successfully developed nor meaningfully utilized in the industrialization and sustenance of the nation without an accompanying Engineering and Technological component. Thus, in 2001/2002 academic session, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (CEET) came into existence with the establishment of the Department of Agricultural Engineering followed in quick succession by the Departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, as well as Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the 2002/2003 academic session. Computer Engineering was started in the 2004/2005 academic session while Chemical Engineering was established in the 2010/2011 academic session. These Departments run 5 – year degree programs leading to the award of the Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) degree.

Engineering is the profession that converts scientific knowledge and ideas of inventors into practical devices, machines, and structures. In practical terms, Engineering is the art of designing, building, and maintaining devices, machines, and structures essential to human existence and providing man with the ability to conquer his environment and make progress towards living both in terms of facilities as well as economy. Since Engineering and Technology are interwoven and since they always literally go hand in hand in their pursuit of human progress with science as their source of inspiration, or catalyst, it can be said that the technological development of any nation is determined to a great extent by the size, quality, motivation, and orientation of its science and engineering workforce.

The broad fields of Engineering, Science, and Technology comprise many specialized professions. In Engineering, many different branches have developed, and some of them that are offered by the College include; Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering with a vision for expansion in the nearest future.
The Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike in a bid to contribute her quota towards the national technological and economic needs, decided to establish a College of Engineering and Engineering Technology. To train graduates who are proficient in the application of scientific principles to develop necessary technological tools (machines, skills, and techniques) for the necessary provision of the needs of the nation in particular and human society in general. The various departments in the College embark on programs involving workshops, training, and industrial training schemes that expose them to the methods and processes used in the manufacture, testing, operation, and maintenance of modern Engineering systems. The industrial exposure gives the graduates the opportunity of seeing what goes on in research, development, design, manufacture, installation, operation maintenance, and commercial work so that he or she better placed to choose his or her career option. The College also strives to provide as well as update tools for analysis and adaptation through teaching, research, hands-on – practical training, and seminars.
The past Deans of the College are : Dr. O. Onuba started the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology as the Acting Dean (2001 – 2008); Dr. A.B. Eke, Ag Dean (2008-2009); Prof V.I.O. Ndirika, Dean (2009-2012); Prof O.I. Okoro, Dean (2012-2015); Prof C. Gozie, Dean (2015-2017); Prof A.B. Eke (2017-2018). The current Dean is Prof. K. J. Simonyan.