Mechanical Engineering

Dr. C. H. Kadurumba (Ag. H.O.D)
Philosophy of the department

The philosophy of Bachelor of Engineering degree programme in Mechanical Engineering at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU) is to produce highly trained professionals with profound design skills, theoretical and practical academic background to cope with broad spectrum of challenges of self reliance, industrialization and national development. The curriculum of this programme is designed to develop skilled engineering manpower to solve challenging engineering problems.

Objectives of the department

The primary objective of Mechanical Engineering training in MOUAU is to train engineers who will be proficient in the application of scientific and engineering principles to develop necessary technological tools (machines, skills and techniques) for the provision of the needs of material goods and services of the nation in particular and human society specifically. Thus, the specific aims of the programme are to develop properly and highly trained mechanical engineers who can;

  • design and make components, machines, equipments and system with local raw materials towards global applications
  • design and develop new production techniques and modify the existing ones for effective operation of the nation’s industries and other sectors
  • install and maintain engineering systems that will perform optimally in our local environment
  • be self reliant and enhance employment opportunities
  • provide adequate leadership, guidance and supervision of complex engineering projects